Window Cleaning using pure water

4 Advantages of the Reach and Wash Window Cleaning System

Washing windows is a task that many people prefer to delegate to a professional cleaner or to a cleaning company. This is why it is important that before getting your windows cleaned you learn what washing system the service provider uses.

Gone are the days when window cleaners had to rely on ladders or cherry pickers to do their job. The Reach and Wash window cleaning system is undoubtedly the most modern and efficient way to clean windows in houses and buildings up to 30 feet high.

Mullan External Cleaning`s van is equipped with a tank. Our operators use a telescopic pole, which is connected to that tank. The water is powered through the pole until it reaches a brush. Then, from the ground, our cleaners can wash the windows and rinse them. After the water evaporates, the windows are clean and without undesired white spots or hard water stains. This service can be done even when the weather is rainy.

Here is a list of the four key advantages of cleaning windows using the Reach and Wash method.

1 – Pure Water

We only use pure water to wash windows. It means that the water we utilise is filtered in the tank installed in our van before we start our cleaning job. Regular tap water goes through a purification process that removes all minerals such as calcium and magnesium and brings the Total Dissolved Solids of the water to 0 parts per million (ppm).

As the water is totally pure, there are no undesired white spots or hard water stains on your windows when the water evaporates after cleaning. Also, it makes the cleaning process quicker than when regular tap water is used, as there is no need to remove and polish the windows.

Using pure water for washing windows brings the best results and it makes our clients totally satisfied. Also, all filters used in our purification process contain natural elements and there are no chemicals added. This way our pure water does not damage or stain the buildings.

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Crystal clean windows after pure water was applied


2 – Efficiency

Unlike the traditional method of using ladders or scaffoldings, the Reach and Wash system is a simple and quick washing process: the operators wet the glass of your property`s windows, scrub it, and leave it. The glass dries and the cleaning is complete. The use of pure water guarantees a streak-free result.

3 – Safety

Our team clean windows from the ground using a telescopic pole that reaches a height of up to 30 feet. It means that they don`t need to use equipment such as ladders, scaffolding, or cherry pickers.

The Reach and Wash system for washing windows is not only safer but it also enables our operators to clean awkward areas of the windows otherwise unreachable, such as frames and lower sills.

4 – Privacy

Reach and Wash is the best way to clean windows without interfering in people`s privacy. As our team can do their job from the ground, they don`t need to use ladders or cherry pickers to get to higher floors and this way end up seeing through the glass.

If you are inside a residential or commercial building during the cleaning, all that you will see is a brush scrubbing the window`s glass. There is no interference in your privacy.

We know how important having exceptionally clean windows is for home owners and businesses. At Mullan External Cleaning we take this responsibility seriously.

We are passionate about cleaning windows and customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. We are a fully insured company that cleans both domestic and commercial windows in Drogheda and surrounding areas.