Gutter cleaning requires a reliable system that brings the best results. When gutters are blocked, simply pouring water down to unblock them will certainly cause even more damage as it will result in excess weight.

The Nilfisk Gutter Cleaning Vacuum allows the operator to work from the ground and remove all blockage from the guttering. By utilising the lightest, most manageable carbon fibre poles connected to a unique on-board power plant that produces a massive suction power, our staff reach the dirt that is causing obstruction in the gutters and remove it easily. There is no need for electric power and trailing cables, so the work becomes safer and simpler.

Wireless Camera

We have a wireless camera attached to the pole that enables us to see in detail what the gutter looks like before, during, and after cleaning. There is no blockage that cannot be seen and removed. The camera records the job while it is in progress so we can show the footage to our clients afterwards and they can clearly see how the gutters looked before and after our work.

Telescopic poles

Our telescopic poles can reach gutters in buildings that are up to 3 stories high, but by assembling a parallel joint to the pole even higher levels can be reached, which makes Nilfisk System perfect for working in several types of buildings, such as retail shopping areas, offices, restaurants, hospitals, and houses.

 We cannot emphasise enough the benefits of cleaning gutters with the Nilfisk System. Mullan External Cleaning have chosen this method for several reasons that we see as crucial advantages comparing to the use of ladders, scaffolding, and other high access equipment.

Nilfisk gutter cleaning vacuum system

Key benefits

 Here is a list of the main advantages of the Nilfisk Gutter Cleaning Vacuum.

– By using carbon fibre poles with great manageability capacity, we can clean gutters safely and efficiently

– This system enables our team to access restricted areas otherwise unreachable, such as roofing above conservatories

– Operators can work safely from the ground

– The poles are developed for working in commercial and residentials buildings of several types and heights

– The suction power generated by the power plant is tremendous and guarantees perfect results

– Operators can easily see the results of their work by looking at the wireless camera installed on the poles. The service is recorded and the clients can look at the video and see the difference in the gutters after they have been cleaned.

– The equipment used for cleaning gutters do not require electric power and trailing cables

Perfectly clean gutters after vacuum cleaning

Cleaning gutters is one of our specialities. We are a fully insured company that works in compliance with latest regulations and health and safety requirements.