What is Pure Water and Why is it Used for Window Cleaning?​

Pure Water is the result of a system that filters the regular tap water, removing all minerals such as calcium and magnesium and bringing the Total Dissolved Solids of the water to 0 parts per million (ppm).

There are two systems to purify the water that later will be used for window cleaning. Both remove the mineral content of the water and this way guarantee that there will be no damage to the windows. 

Reverse Osmosis (RO): the water containing a large amount of minerals is highly pressurised through pre-filters and later through a semipermeable membrane that captures and removes 85-95% of the many types of molecules found in the water, such as minerals and bacteria. After passing the membrane the water is considerably cleaner. The pre-filters are necessary for some specific particles to be removed from the water. This way they do not contaminate the membrane, which is the most important – and most expensive – component in an RO System. 

Deionization (DI): this is the final process of the purification of the water and brings it to 0 ppm or totally pure. In this system ion exchange resins are used to remove salts from the water. Positive and negative chemicals exchange places with the hydrogen molecules until all molecules are consumed and the water is purified. 

Hard Water

According to Irish Water, hardness is a characteristic of much of the water supply in Ireland as it contains high levels of minerals from soil and rocks. While hard water is great for consumption due to its high mineral content, this type of water is not the best solution for window cleaning if it does not go through a proper purification process. 

To guarantee a full purification of the water, Mullan External Cleaning uses both RO and DI systems combined for filtration. We remove all minerals and other components. The result is a 100% pure water used for window washing. Some professionals might say that water containing from 20 to 30 ppm of Total Dissolved Solids can bring great results too, but Mullan External Cleaning makes sure our water is brought to 0 ppm.

Why is this process necessary? Because we know that it brings the best results and makes our clients totally satisfied. Also, all filters used in our purification process contain natural elements and there are no chemicals added. This way our pure water does not damage or stain the buildings.

Reach & Wash System

Our van is equipped with a tank that enables us to clean the windows using pure water. By using a system called Reach & Wash, our operators use a telescopic pole where the water is powered through until it reaches a brush.

Then, from the ground and without the need of using ladders, our cleaners can wash the windows and rinse them. After the water evaporates, the windows are clean and without the undesired white spots or hard water stains that could appear if the water used for window washing was not pure.

Our Van is equipped with a tank that purifies the tap water

Key Benefits

Here is a list of the main advantages of washing windows by using the Reach & Wash System.

– As the water is totally pure, there are no undesired white spots or hard water stains on the window when the water evaporates after cleaning

– It is faster than using regular tap water as there is no need to remove and polish the windows

– Because the window washing process using pure water is more efficient, there is time for more work to be done simultaneously

– The Reach & Wash system brings more safety to the operators and at the same time they can clean awkward areas of the windows that would be unreachable if they were working with the traditional method of using ladders

– It is the best way to wash windows without interfering in people`s privacy. Our Reach & Wash System enables us to clean from the ground so our team will not need to get to higher floors and this way end up seeing through the glass.

– It is a simple and quick washing process: the operators wet the glass, scrub it, and leave it. The glass dries and the cleaning is complete, and no white spots or hard water stains are left.

Our window cleaning services include windows, frames, and lower sills.

We are passionate about window cleaning and our experienced staff make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with every job we do. This is our number 1 priority. The biggest complement we can receive is a customer continuing to use our services and recommending us to their family and friends.